comuny founders Beatrix Reiß and Dominik Deimel seek to contribute to a digital world where people can benefit from exploiting the potential of data to its full.

They have recognized that the demand for simple, secure and valuable communication solutions will significantly increase; with comuny, they advance the digital transformation of services for people.



Founder and CEO

„I will connect social objectives and business goals to generate greater value from data through consistently fair customization and distribution models, thereby promoting self-determination of all parties involved.“

Beatrix Reiß, communications specialist and lateral thinker, is an expert in the field of mobile und intelligent health services; she has set herself the task of tapping the potential of digitization for the benefit of mankind and her relationship cultures.

With many years of experience as an eHealth consultant, she has a profound understanding of how partnership-oriented cooperation models can pave the way for digital care innovation.

Founder and CEO

“I am dedicated to the easy realization of new business ideas and greater success through digitization.”

A specialist in orthopedics who draws on his clinical training and longstanding experience in the eHealth industry, he knows the requirements of the healthcare market very well. What is more, he has an extensive network in the entire healthcare scene.
As the founder and head of com2health GmbH, he has been fostering the development of new apps and value-added services for many years now.


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